Awarding brilliant businesses

Small and medium businesses have always had a big influence on the people and economy of Australia.

Since 1992, we have been presenting the Telstra Business Awards to celebrate the achievements and entrepreneurial spirit of Australia’s small and medium businesses.

These are businesses that have a huge influence on the people and economy of Australia. Together they account for over 70% of employment and about half of the value of industry. Telstra is proud to give so many brilliant businesses this opportunity for national recognition and acclaim.

The judging process is rigorous, examining everything from financial management to HR, customer relations to marketing. At the same time, potential Award winners must demonstrate they go beyond the usual measures of a well run business by displaying outstanding leadership, innovation and a vision for the future.

As these exceptional business owners accept their Awards and tell their stories, they also inspire others – courageous start-ups, innovative small and medium businesses, people of ambition and talent – to push out boundaries and strive for greater success. In this way, employment and prosperity is created for the whole nation.

Entries are closed for the 2015 Telstra Business Awards. We wish the entrants every success. Nominations for 2016 program are now open.