Be ‘that’ business

Only the best in business, become ‘that’ business

It takes something special to start and run a successful small or medium business or charity. It takes creativity to innovate and find new and better ways to do things. And it takes persistence and resilience to overcome obstacles.

Above all it takes outstanding talent, commitment and the courage to take a risk, to realise a dream or fulfil an ambition – to be ‘that’ business.

For 25 years the Telstra Business Awards have been recognising and rewarding the best in business, yet it’s not all about winning.

The Telstra Business Awards give business and charity owners the chance to reflect on their achievements, assess their organisation's strengths and weaknesses, access unparalleled networking opportunities, pursue new ventures and build their profile.

Better still, they’re an occasion for team celebration, sharing stories and inspiring others. 

If you know an organisation that inspires you – a leader in their field who you trust and admire, nominate ‘that’ business today.