Entry details

Past entrants have spent up to 30 hours completing the entry form so it pays to be organised.

What are the features of the entry form?

The Awards entry is completed online and can be saved and returned to as often as needed. We recommend tackling the Entry Form one to two sections at a time rather than trying to finish it all in one go.

The entry has six sections:

  • Your business

  • Sales and marketing

  • Your customers

  • Your team

  • Planning and performance

  • Financials

The number of questions can change depending on the answers given, but generally
there are:

  • 120 multiple choice questions

  • 60 questions with text answers

  • 35 questions with numeric answers

Questions can be answered in any order but they must all be answered to have a valid entry.

Helpful elements of the entry form

The online entry form has been designed to be as easy to complete as possible. It has helpful features like:

  • The section currently being worked on is highlighted so it’’s always easy to find
  • A tick will appear when a question has been fully completed
  • A percentage figure in the top right hand corner shows how much of the entry is complete
  • Along the way, there are tips and hints to make things easier

Important note

Any business that is shortlisted for an Award will have to submit a full profit and loss statement. The statement should be checked by the business' accountant before it’s submitted. As well, all businesses that progress to the next stage of judging will be asked to provide written verification that their financial information is correct.