Judging criteria

The Judges look for the qualities that all truly outstanding businesses share:

  • Financial acumen and an understanding of the key business drivers

  • The ability to envision exciting possibilities and enlist others in a shared vision of the future

  • Ingenuity and imagination that is world-class

  • Awareness of the changing socio-economic environment

  • The ability to identify, manage and mitigate risks

  • Resilience and the ability to recover from setbacks

  • A passion for ‘making a difference’

Consideration is also given to the inner workings of the business like its HR policies and drive to innovate.

The Judges consider every detail and each answer is scored for how well it addresses the criteria. More information is collected when the Judges visit the finalists’ workplaces. This enables the Judges to get a sense of the energy and spirit of the businesses and become as excited by the achievements as the business owners are.

There’s more information about the judging process here.