Why enter?

The Awards process offers finalists experiences and opportunities that go beyond that incredible moment of winning.

While a Telstra Business Award recognises the current achievements of a business, it also opens up the possibility of many more in the future.

Hear what last year's finalists had to say about their Telstra Business Awards experience and the benefits of entering.

Some of the benefits of winning an Award include:

  • A share in cash grants and business services
  • National recognition as one of Australia’s best charities or small or medium businesses
  • Making networking connections that can advance the business, build its profile and present opportunities to pursue new ventures
  • Being offered public speaking and media commentator opportunities that reinforce the credibility and reach of the business
  • Boosting the pride and motivation of existing employees and finding it easier to attract top quality people keen to work in a high profile business
  • Becoming part of an Alumni community of exceptional business people and connecting with others who really understand the challenges of being in business
  • Reflecting on the goals, strategies and vision that led to the success of the business and using those insights to drive even greater success in the future

Many finalists also cite the free Business Health Check as a huge benefit of being an entrant. Read more about the Business Health Check here.