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Nominations for the 2018 Telstra Business Awards are open. Nominating a business is easy, and anyone can submit one, whether it’s your own business or someone else’s. Once nominated, a business needs to submit a completed online entry form to officially be in the running for a 2018 Telstra Business Award. This is where the competition really heats up.

Not sure where to start? We’ve included a step-by-step breakdown of the whole process and key dates below, plus tips on how you can create a winning entry.

Key dates

  • 1/3
    Wednesday 28 March

    Nominations close

    Nominate yourself or another business for the Telstra Business Awards by giving us a few simple details. It’s that easy. But make sure nominations are in for 2018 Telstra Business Awards before Wednesday 28th March 2018.

  • 2/3
    Monday 09 April

    Phase 1 Entry: Business Overview closes

    Complete a 90-minute multiple choice entry form to see how your business ranks against Australia's best. The top performing businesses will be invited to enter phase 2.

  • 3/3
    Tuesday 08 May

    Phase 2 Entry: Business Deep Dive closes

    If you are successful in phase one, you will be asked to complete a rigorous deep dive into your business which describes your business in more detail - here you'll also be asked to submit a two minute video and provide details on your business financials.

25 years of celebrating 'that' business

Congratulations to all of the businesses that have been part of the awards. Here's to being 'that' business.

Sample questions


Before you start the entry process, it can be helpful to understand what sort of questions will be asked. You can take a look below at some sample questions to familiarise yourself with these. 

Strategy & Vision

  • To what degree does your business have plans for the future?
  • What do you consider your greatest business achievement to date and why?

Customers & Marketing

  • Does your business have a marketing plan?
  • Please describe how you use the information you know about your customers to shape your business.


  • Have you ever reviewed your risk management plan?
  • How do you align your resources to your overall business strategy?

People & Culture

  • Which of the following best describes your leadership style?
  • What is your most important value as leader(s) and how do you demonstrate that value?

Social Responsibility

  • To what extent is social impact and contribution embedded in the values of your business?
  • Describe the positive outcomes of your business' social impact activity.

Financial Acumen

  • What software or system do you have in place to manage your finances?
  • What are your goals for future expansion and growth?

Alumni tip

As business owners we are always striving towards the next goal, the award application process give us the time reflect on our and our team's achievements. I'd strongly recommend you give yourself plenty of planning time to really look at your business holistically when entering.

Hana-Lia Krawchuk, Love to Dream, 2017 Telstra Australian Small Business Award

The 2018 Telstra Business Awards are open. Nominate a business now.

If you’re ready to be ‘that’ business, or you know one that is, nominate them for the 2018 Telstra Business Awards today.

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