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2018 Finalists

Celebrating ‘that’ moment for our finalists

The 2018 Telstra Business Awards finalists represent the highest achievers in Australian business. The Awards aim to celebrate the most innovative and entrepreneurial businesses across four categories, designed to recognise small to medium businesses in their respective fields.

Learn more about this year’s finalists below – find out who they are, where they’re from and how they came to be ‘that’ business achieving even more in 2018.

With only a few finalists in the Northern Territory Emerging and Energised category this year, you’ll have wait to for the Awards night to celebrate with the winner.

Key dates
Wednesday 4 July

South Australian ‘That’ Business Masterclass

At ‘That’ Business Masterclass, 2018 finalists will have exclusive access to industry leaders and the opportunity to partake in hands on skill development exercises.

Thursday 5 July

South Australia State Awards Dinner

Join us at the South Australian 2018 Telstra Business Awards dinner, to celebrate some of Australia’s most innovative and entrepreneurial businesses.

It's 'that' moment to celebrate the best in business.

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